Gated Community at Spruce Creek Fly In

Beautiful Gated Community at Spruce Creek Fly In
Beautiful Gated Community at Spruce Creek Fly In

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  • Hanger Homes
For the airplane enthusiast, with an airplane hanger on your property.  The front of the home faces a typical street with lush landscaping and nice homes. The back of the property is located on a taxiway, allowing pilots to taxi their planes from their own hangers directly to the runway and go flying.  How much better could it be?  These homes are located around the 4000' runway, newly paved in 2017.  We have a wide variety of types of airplanes represented.

  • Golf Course Homes
Perfect homes for golfers and anyone wishing to enjoy the great views of beautiful fairways, greens, and ponds.  Golf course homes are situated around Spruce Creek Country Club's fabulous 18 hole course.  The course meanders throughout the Spruce Creek Fly In.

  • Nature Homes
Just as the name implies, these homes back up to wooded areas or ponds.  The peacefull views are wonderful.  Most of these homes are far enough away from the runway to rarely hear the airplanes.
Beautiful Gated Community at Spruce Creek Fly In

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The homes in Spruce Creek are very diverse in size and price.  Enjoy the beautiful landscaping and pride of ownership evident as you drive down the streets.  This gated community offers 24/7 staffed security.

Are you looking for property?  Call me or send a text and I'll send you a link to a great house hunting app.

Nancy Gallman  386-846-2212   cell
Beautiful Gated Community at Spruce Creek Fly In

Airplanes!!!Column 3 Header

  • This is a flying community.
  There are planes flying whenever the weather is good.  Groups fly out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Pilots are flying for fun any time from this private airport, but there is very little flying after dark. It's really fun to watch and not unusual for some formation flying as they return home.  

  • Friday Night at the Tree
Residents gather at the big tree next to the runway on Friday early evenings to watch formation flying. They bring their drinks and food to share.  It's a great time for socializing and getting to know your neighbors. It's not unusual to have a hundred golf carts lined up.